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Can't you hear the thunder?
Let your business acumen take shape in Australasia

Down Under! Yes, we are here, tucked away from most of the main business routes. Surprisingly though, many business are now flocking to our region.

Interesting factoid:
Do you know that New Zealand was a part of colony of New South Wales?
Do you know that Central Australia was a real province at some point?

Well, there are two countries in this part of the British Commonwealth: Australia and New Zealand. Our goal is to cover you on both continents. What, continents?! Everyone heard of the Australian continent, but New Zealand?! Well, it is a thing though, just check this out: You’d would be surprised that many local laws and regulations are deemed “ridiculous” or “convoluted” by outsiders but are okay’ed by the locals. For some reason some people want to live and do business both in Australia and New Zealand and we know why: it is easy as!

Long story short, we can cater to many of your regional needs in Australasia and the rest of what is called Oceania, just ask.

Our Services

If you run an online business which, among other places, targets Australia and New Zealand, you would still need local representatives, be it for legal compliance or for tax refunds. In many cases you would have to register your overseas structure with local authorities or even set up a 100% subsidiary. We can help you with this.

We usually keep a selection of pre-registered companies which are ready for sale. We would also be able to source an actual local business, if you want to invest and relocate down under. Professional accountants and tax agents would take care of your business needs and endeavours.

* General inquiry
* Incorporation application

* General inquiry
* Registration application

* Australian capital city * Australian provincial address
* Auckland / Wellington * Other places in New Zealand

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* Application to engage our services

* Shelf companies (never traded)
* Companies with ABN

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* Secretary and director
* Secretary only
* Local agent for foreign company
* Public Officer only

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